These 5 Minutes Could Change Your Life!

Entering the doctors surgery, I was motivated and ready. This appointment had been booked for weeks, I knew it was coming, yet the closer it got the more determined I was to get it done as I’d missed my last appointment.

Prior to walking out my front door to get in the car my only fear was that I’d be sat for ages in the waiting room and I would begin to panic. But I brushed off the negative thoughts and off I went for the 5 minute drive to the surgery.

What was making me so determined to get this done?? Blood test? Injections? Consultation? No none of the above it was the much avoided Smear test!!


O no shocking, I mentioned the smear, and probably sent shivers through most women at the mention of the thought of having to go for one. Then to make matters worse I’m sat here telling you all I went and dropped my trousers, and spread my legs for the nurse. What’s wrong with me?

I tell you whats wrong with me! Absolutley nothing! Whats wrong is the statistics in woman avoiding a smear. According to BBC News only every 1 in 4 woman attends for a test. So for those currently sat overdue on booking an appointment, what is wrong with you?


Lets give a quick summary. A smear test is carried out every 3/5 years for woman between 25 and 65 to detect abnormal cells within the cervix.

It’s carried out within the doctors surgery by a doctor or a nurse. And usually takes around 5 minutes to complete.

For the examination you will be asked to undress from the waist down and lie on the couch. Then as I was told “ankles together, knees apart.” The doctor or nurse will then use a speculum to enter your vagina to be able to open the vaginal wall to get to your cervix. Once this is in, cells will be collected with a small soft brush.

And then speculum out, legs together, off the couch, clothes back on, and Voila your done.

So why oh why are women not booking in??

Apparently, there are a few reasons! And here I am to go through 4 of them and get rid of these excuses.



“I can’t undress infront of a stranger”

Well I’m not sure about you but I’d prefer the professional to whom I spread my legs to not to be a close family friend or acquaintance. That would be more embarrassing surely.


“It’s Uncomfortable, It will hurt”

If you have ever had sex, had the coil, used a tampon, had a pregnancy sweep or given birth then a smear will be a walk in the park. My only discomfort was knowing I was closer to having to go Asda to get the dinner for the night.


“I haven’t shaved”

The doctor or nurse doesnt care if your lady garden isn’t trimmed or that your not wearing your best knickers. Bald, trimmed, shaped or wild forest, they dont care. They are not there to give score about how you attend to your garden.


“My vagina is not normal”

Like everything else in life not every vagina is the same. The doctor or nurse isn’t going to start laughing in your face. They have seen more vaginas in life then you probably have had hot dinners. I doubt there taking mental images.

At the end of the day these excuses are stopping women from attending there smear tests. A test which could save your life. If you can honestly sit and say “I don’t want a smear due to I don’t believe in them” then I respect your decision, but for those women out there who are using the excuses above just push them all to one side and book in. It could save your life.

Come on girls let’s change these statistics! Let’s get the taboo subject of having a smear changed! Us women are the only people who can, as the Queens that we are we can do this!


G XoxO

2 thoughts on “These 5 Minutes Could Change Your Life!

  1. Very important topic! There are lots of reasons we make excuses not to go and you nailed every one of them. Great post.


    1. missgeorginaford January 27, 2019 — 8:22 am

      Thank you so much ♡


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