Dear Who Ever You Are

Dear whoever you are,

I’m hoping that your living with your conscience. You would know by now that there were children involved. That they were frightened, upset and traumatised by your actions. Yet you still hide.

I hope it was worth it, your journey, your stupidity, your cowardness. I hope your able to live with the fact you could of destroyed so many lifes.

See on the 27th December I recieved the worse phone call a mother could recieve. To pick up the phone to hear the words “Don’t panic, but the kids have been in an accident.” My heart felt like it was about to explode, my whole body was shaking with fear and with emotion, even worse, I was over 3 hours away from my children.

The unknowing was unbearable.

What seemed a lifetime away I recieved my second phone call, this time from my eldest daughter, who is 8. My son, 6, not wanting to talk due to fear. Listening to her voice, shaking and petrified. Then explaining that there was no body there. The other car was empty. As well as all my other emotions my blood then began to boil. I mean how the hell could you run away!!!!!

But you had! You had hit my children, their dad and his girlfriend and then fled the scene. You absolute coward. To afraid to face the consequences of your actions.

Knowing my children were okay, that they were moving there was still the fear that internal damage had been done. Had you hurt their backs, their necks, their chest from the impact. The confirmation from the ambulance crew helped but still days later they were complaining of a bad back, and suffering a horrendous cough from inhaling the air bag fumes.

The nightmares that followed your actions have destroyed me. Not just my children who have had difficulty sleeping due to the fact they had just started to dose off before the impact. But for myself, the nightmares of not being able to get to my children straight away, the nightmares that it could of been fatal. It just continues.

So, to whoever you are, let’s hope your conscience sets in soon and you hand yourself in before the police find out who you are. Let’s hope your actions of that night have atleast deterred you from getting in a car when your not suppose to. I don’t know that night if you were drunk, on drugs, tired, or just driving erratically but I hope the result of that night has atleast learnt you a valuable lesson.

I forgive you, but can you forgive yourself.

Many Thanks


2 thoughts on “Dear Who Ever You Are

  1. My goodness this post has made me all teary. Thank god your children are ok. I can’t even begin to imagine how you felt as a mother. Must of been terrifying. I hope the children will soon forget or the memories of that night will just fade away. Sending lots of love xx


    1. missgeorginaford January 5, 2019 — 6:53 am

      Thank you. Hopefully when they go back to school it should help take there mind of stuff ♡ xx


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